How Advisors Benefit from Outsourcing Investment

Empowering Innovative Advisors

A financial advisor’s daily schedule is packed with tasks including client prospecting and servicing, meetings, as well as various events. With all the demands on your time, it is easy to fall behind on market research and portfolio management.

Recent studies* have shown 98% of outsourcing advisors stated they delivered better investment solutions due to outsourcing, 78% wished they had outsourced asset management sooner.

*Source: Assetmark

A Wide Variety of Advisors Can Benefit from Outsourcing

Outsourcing facilitates deeper relationships with clients, focusing on client service as a key differentiator. It elevates the conversation toward achieving long-term goals, like retirement savings or building a family legacy.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourced solutions follow a well-articulated investment philosophy and process, leading to greater consistency in applying investment policy standards to client holdings and risk mitigation. The outsourced manager takes on the issue of risk without sacrificing portfolio quality. Formal investment procedures and documentation, trading activity, and performance reviews deepen relationships and increase confidence in clients that their portfolios are aligned with their goals.


  • More time to spend with clients

  • Increased capacity

  • Repeatable investment philosophy and process

  • Improved operations and increased service offerings

  • More scalable business

  • Increased portfolio transparency and risk mitigation


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